How to make a party bunting flag

Are you getting ready for the next birthday party? Do you want to make someone's welcome home feel special? Look no further. In this article we will show you how to quickly make an awesome party banner. It will be easy, crafty and fun - we promise.

What will we need? Paper to print the letters. Scissors or any other cutting tool. A hole puncher and a string or a ribbon to put it all together. Printable Design website to quickly and easily generate your printouts. Lastly, some patience and love. It should take no more than 15 minutes.

First question we need to answer is what should the banner say? The most popular ones would say Happy birthday or Welcome home but it doesn't have to be only that. Let your creative juices flow or if you cannot come up with anything the classics will be fine as well. What we will print today will say Printable Design.

Now it is time we head to Printable Design Designer App and select one of the garlands. Once we select one it will take us to the Edit page where we need to key in the text that will appear on the banner. Put each letter in a new line in the table on the left side. Each row will generate one piece of the banner. We will use capital letters.

One last thing before we generate the PDF that will be ready to print is to choose the outline type. If you will be using scissors to cut out the individual letters, then you should use the dashed line as an outline so that it is easy to follow the line with the scissors when you are cutting. If you have tools like guillotine or you will use a ruler and a knife then it is probably better to choose outline that only marks the corners. Once we make our choice we click DOWNLOAD button and the PDF document is saved to our computer.

Once we have our PDF we can print it out at home using standard ink or laser printer. You should follow the instructions for your printer to get the best results but remember that you don't have to use only white paper. Pick any light colored paper like for example light yellow or blue and it will look awesome. You could even use two or three colors in the same banner - this may require you to generate a new PDF so that same color letters are on the same page. Try not to use more than 3 colors though, it may look a bit too wild.

Finally, time to cut. Follow the lines with a steady hand and enjoy the process. It is so satisfying to work with paper. Next, we need to punch holes and attach a string. Punch two holes in each piece. To punch hole exactly in the same position in every piece we will stack two or three sheets and punch them all together. Last step - we put the string through the holes of every letter to form a banner. Done! Double check the letters are in the correct order.

Thank you for staying with us till the end. We hope that you enjoy the process and we are excited to see your creations. You can find us on Instagram @byprintabledesign.

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